Craypots, ropes, netting, floats and gear for commercial and recreational fishing.

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Shark exclusion net (Dunsborough)

Crackpots designed, built and installed a trial shark exclusion barrier project at the Dunsborough town beach in 2014.  In conjunction with the Shire of Busselton and staff, a 500m long exclusion net, in 50m sections, was installed between early January and April 2014.  The trial was deemed a success by the Shire and locals, with only a few minor modifications required to ensure it remained in place and operational for the duration of the trial.

Particular consideration was given to the environmental impact design of the exclusion net to ensure no fish or other animals were caught, and provision was built into the design to respond to the significant potential for large seagrass wracks to undermine or clog the net.

Stinger nets (south-west WA)

Several stinger net projects designs in the last five years have been installed to minimise the risk of jellyfish stings.  Successive designs have refined the installation and maintenance program to optimise longevity and effectiveness, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

Dolphin relocation net

These nets are designed and fabricated to be strong and flexible enough to capture dolphins in restricted waterways in order to immobilise and relocate them with minimal stress.  Consideration is given to the type of materials used to minimise the potential for cuts or abrasion to animals.

Scientific sampling nets

A number of nets mounted on sleds and frames have been fabricated to meet specific demands for scientific sampling, primarily on the seafloor.

  • Turtle entrapment nets (north-west WA and Northern Territory)
    A variety of juvenile turtle entrapments nets have been designed for  the purpose of future removal from restricted areas, or as part of a number of capture and tracking programs.  Considerable care is given to minimising the risks of stress in animals, the potential for drowning, and the potential for by-catch.


For further information on projects or details on any of these specialist net projects, contact Crackpots.

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