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Pearling ropes and floats

As a supplier of premium quality ropes to the pearling industry for over 20 years, we understand the need for ropes that last under the toughest conditions.  Whether you require long lines, mooring lines, droppers, or rope handles on panels, we can assist you.  We also offer significant savings on splicing and end seals, and can make specific lengths to order, with rope diameters from 3 to 48mm.

Our ropes are constructed from premium quality UV treated polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyester.  Ropes can be made as either three-strand or eight-strand, plaited or double braided to any diameter required.  Prices on braided, double braided and nylon ropes are also available.



Crackpots supplies a wide range of low cost ropes and gear to the mussel farm industry. As an importer of ropes directly from the manufacturer, we can provide rope exactly to your specifications – diameter, lay, number of strands, colour and length of coils. Our stock also includes a wide range of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, silver, braided and double braided ropes.

  • PE and PP small ropes from 3 to 12 mm
  • Heavy duty long lines
  • Mussel rope
  • Mussel floats
  • Lug baskets and containers



As a wholesaler and importer of floats, ropes and general marine hardware, we are able to offer a broad range of materials and equipment used in the aquaculture industry.   If we don’t stock the item you are looking for, we can generally access products from our extensive list of manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers.

See ropes, floats and marine hardware for more detailed information.



We stock easy catch yabbie traps for easy harvesting, and we can custom design and manufacture a wide range of traps and pots to order.  We also provide netting, galvanised steel rings and twines to make drop nets for crabs and other crustaceans.



Excluding predators from aquaculture facilities can be time consuming and expensive.  However, the design and construction of a structure that excludes birds from your facility may not be as difficult as it seems.  We can provide all the equipment and materials, and even design the bird exclusion structure you require, helping you to save money and minimise the investment costs of building and maintaining your aquaculture facility.

We provide:

  • Anti-bird netting, 1 ¼”, 3”, 6” in a range of widths
  • Anchors
  • All fixings and fasteners
  • PVC coated and nylon wire
  • HT galvanised wire and cable
  • Design and detailed plans for construction