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Cray Pot Parts


Building new cray pots or repairing old ones?  Crackpots has everything you need to keep you catching, All of our plastic cray pot components are moulded and made right here in WA, and we’re proud to support other local small businesses.  We have a fully stocked warehouse in O’Connor with everything from bait baskets right through to nails & bolts, and we’re happy to help whether you’re a professional or amateur cray fisherman, so pop in.

Cray Pot Bait Baskets

There are two different bait basket sizes –

Super Standard – 280mm L x 125mm W x 143mm D

Super Deep – 280mm L x 125mm W x 175mm D

Each size is available in Big Big (Big holes on all four sides of the bait basket) or Big Small ( Small holes on one long side of the bait basket & big holes on the other three).

Big Small baskets are great to use if you are making smaller pots, or your bait basket placement is close to the back of your pot.  Face the small holes outwards & it will make it harder for the crayfish to get to the bait from outside your pot.

We’ve launched an e-commerce site, you can order all your craypot spares online directly.

Bait Basket Lids

We offer three different bait basket lids:

Black Plastic Lid – fits all four of the Super Bait Baskets measures 365 x 128mm

Red Plastic Lid – fits all four of the Super Bait Baskets measures 365 x 128mm

Ply Wood Craypot Lid – All of our wooden cray pots are fitted with ply lids when sold.  Lids measure 330mm x 130mm.


Cray Pot Necks

We stock three different cray pot necks, all made right here in WA.

Large Red Neck – 275mm Diameter

Large Black Neck – 275mm Diameter

Small Red Neck – 230mm Diameter

Crayfish Escape Gaps

Arguably the most important part of your pot to get right, as this is one of the first things fisheries will check on your pot.  The current regulations require pots to have three escape gaps, if you’re fishing anywhere between North West Cape right down to Cape Leeuwin. For amateur fishermen, gaps need to measure a minimum of 54mm high and 305mm wide.  All three of the gaps we sell comply with this requirement – choose between aluminium, plastic or steel.

Replacement Timber for Cray Pots

Timber Battens

Before the season starts, check your pots for any timber battens that might need replacing.  Due to the ongoing tightening of the supply of Jarrah, we only have pine battens available.  We stock both standard sizes in pine –  38mm x 12mm and 25mm x 12mm.

Cray Pot Gates

We also have replacement gates available for both amateur and pro pots.

Pot Anodes

Adding an anode to your pot will help protect it against corrosion. We offer three different anode sizes, as well as the stainless steel bolts and nuts for attaching to the black steel base of your craypot.

Size A – Aluminium – 340g

Size B – Aluminium – 500g

Zinc – 1.4kg

Cray Pot Bases

If you’re building your own pots, then the starting point for a strong, square pot is a good base. We sell bases on their own. in sizes suited for amateur and professional fishing.

Want a buy a pot instead?  We’ve got a wide range of timber pots & moulded cray pots.