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Craypot Winch and Tipper

Installing a craypot winch and a pot tipper on your boat will take the heavy lifting out of pulling a timber cray pot.  Especially when it’s fitted with ballast, waterlogged and full of crays.  Buying a winch & tipper combo will make the job easier, and will definitely save your back.

Crackpots Aluminium Pot Tipper

We designed our pot tipper to be both easy to use & easy to install.  In fact, we reckon that if you had to choose, we’d recommend buying a tipper before a winch. The tipper brings your pot up onto the boat, without you having to reach out & over the side,  But you still need to pull it!  Ours is a strong, lightweight aluminium frame with a full width stainless steel roller.

If you have vertical rod holders already fitted onto the side of your boat, the tipper can be fitted using adjustable rod holder inserts. This makes the tipper easy to install and remove.  If you own an aluminium boat, the tipper can be bolted directly onto the gunwale.

How big is a pot tipper?

Our tippers measure:

162cm long x 50cm wide; the depth of the unit including the bracket is 30cm.

The bracket is 48cm wide x 8cm deep.  It allows for flexible mounting depending on the positioning of any rod holders in your boat’s gunwales.

Maxwell Anchormax Pot Hauler


We think the Maxwell Anchormax winch is a great option for taking the hard work out of pulling craypots.  They are really reliable – we’ve been selling them for a few years, and haven’t had any issues.

It’s a versatile vertical capstan or general purpose electric winch.  It can be used as a pot hauler or anchor winch.




  • Extremely high power to weight ratio – maximum pull 330kg
  • The compact, fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor. Intrusion below decks is minimised making the design ideal for boats from 5m (16ft) to 10m (32ft).
  • There’s no need to dismantle the winch when fitting to your boat
  • The ANCHORMAX™ gear housings are marine-grade alloy and the drum is stainless steel. It is supplied as a single direction (clockwise) unit.
  • Each winch is supplied complete with a foot or deck switch, fastenings, template and fitting instructions.

You’ll also need to install an 80 amp circuit breaker & we have these available & in stock.

WInch Specifications

  • Maximum Pull/Lift: 330kg / Speed @ nominal working load: 21m/min / 80amps with 75kg/load
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 500W
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Maximum Boat LOA: 10m (33′)
  • Maximum Boat Weight: 4 tonnes

The Anchormax winch isn’t recommended for hauling halyards or chain.