Craypots, ropes, netting, floats and gear for commercial and recreational fishing.

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Nets and Netting


Nets and Netting

We supply a range of mono and multi-mono nylon netting and accessories for the commercial fishing industry, as well as leads and twines. Our custom nets can be professionally and expertly custom made to suit your needs and specifications. Whatever your net requirements, contact us for a price-competitive quote on netting and/or constructed nets. Orders for smaller nets can be posted anywhere in Australia, generally within the week.

If you make, repair or hang your own nets, we have the full range of gear:

  • Nylon monofilament netting
  • Nylon multifilament netting
  • PE netting
  • Raschel
  • Net Needles
  • Hanging Twines
  • Floats
  • Leads and lead core ropes


Recreational Nets

Recreational Nets

A complete range of highly competitively priced gill, set and haul nets, with all legal mesh sizes from 2” to 4 ¼” and lengths (30 or 60 metres of net) in stock. Call or email us to get expert advice on the right net for the right purpose, whether it’s whiting, herring, mullet or other target species.

We can also custom make netting to your requirements, with alternative mesh size, drops and lengths.

 Raschel and Multi-Nylon Netting

Raschel and Netting

Raschel netting is a very soft nylon knitted netting that has applications where minimising potential damage or injury is paramount. Typical uses of raschel netting are for the capture of small reef fish, bait fish and aquarium fish. Very soft multi-nylon netting, widely used for commercial beach fishing, is now largely obsolete but limited stocks are still available.

  • Very strong netting
  • 4- 90 ply
  • River prawn and stinger nets for smaller sizes
  • Herring and salmon nets for larger sizes


Marine Netting

Crackpots stocks a range of multi-nylon nets and netting, from 3/8″ raschel knotless nylon, to ¾” and 7″ netting. Multi and monofilament netting is also available in a range of lengths and drops. We can make to order specific net specifications of any size, as well as knotted PE netting suitable for cages, drop nets and traps.

Polyethylene (PE) Netting

Polyethylene Netting

PE Netting is used for a wide range of general applications including sports and recreational cargo nets. It is a hard twist twine that is tough, hardwearing and UV stable. Available in a variety of mesh sizes, in 4-75 ply.


Specialist/Custom Nets

Specialist Nets

Crackpots has many years of wide-ranging experience in the field of marine and environmental science, and can custom design and manufacture nets to suit a wide range of specialist applications including marine science, environmental and local government. These nets included:

  • Shark exclusion
  • Stinger
  • Dolphin retrieval
  • Turtle entrapment
  • Specialist scientific

See Projects.


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