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Stinger Nets

Installation of Stinger nets it popular swimming beaches, are a way that local councils may look to improve the amenity of their swimming beaches.

How can a stinger net help?

A stinger, is actually a small sea jellyfish.  It’s scientific name is Carybdea xaymacana.  It’s body is shaped like a small matchbox, and it has four tentacles.  One from each of the bottom corners.

Their tentacles are mostly around 8cm long, but can grow up to 20cm in length.

A stinger net is designed to catch & entangle stingers as they move inshore.  The net has to be small enough to catch the body of the stinger.    Whilst they will reduce the overall numbers of stingers at a swimming beach, they can’t exclude them entirely.  And its also possible to get stung by a damaged or dismembered jelly fish who has come through the net.

South West Stinger’s give a sting that is mild to severe.  While it does cause an initial sharp pain, this will often start to go away within 5 minutes, but the pain can remain for several hours. Although unpleasant, this is very different to the box jellyfish that is found in north eastern Australia whose stings can be fatal.

Net Design

We have successfully designed and installed stinger nets for council’s along the WA coast.  Our design pays particular attention to ease of installation and removal, lowering the overall investment cost for councils.

The nets are intended to be installed at the beginning of Summer, and removed from the water at the end of Summer.  The nets will last three to four seasons.

If you have questions about supply or maintenance of Stinger Nets, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.