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Plastic Cray Pots – Katipo

The katipo moulded plastic cray pot is made exclusively for Crackpots, right here in WA.  It’s been designed to mimic the size, shape & colour of a traditional WA made ‘Slatty’ cray pot, but offers a few distinct benefits over timber pots.

Our Katipo Cray Pots has four key advantages –

  • Lightweight – Without doubt the lightest craypot around – the katipo pot weighs only 4.8kg, compared to a single basket pine/jarrah pot which weighs 20kgs on its own.  This makes the Katipo much easy to move around.
  • No Rust – not having a steel base means there’s no chance of rust marks on your deck
  • No sharp edges – the rounded edges of the Katipo base also reduce the chance of dings & scrapes.
  • Price – and finally they are a very cost effective cray pot.

We recommend Katipo pots to anyone who is –

  • Looking for a lighter weight pot.
  • Is only crayfishing a few times a season

Katipo pots come with two bait baskets, an oil well, and a seal exclusion device.

FrameBattensBase# of BasketsDimensionsWeight
Moulded PlasticMoulded PlasticMoulded PlasticOne770mm L x 640mm W x 390mm H4.6kg


Buying a Fully Rigged Katipo Pot

If you are new to crayfishing we can help you get your Katipo cray pot all set up for fishing. We can help you fit ballast to the bottom of your katipo pot, rig it with ropes and two floats.  Plus we’ll engrave your gear ID onto your floats so that you’re ready to fish.

How well do plastic Cray pots catch?

Katipo pots have been around for 10 plus years, so they must be doing something right!  We get lots of questions about if crayfish like plastic pots.  We know they catch well, but there’s definitely a couple of things you can do to improve your chances.

  • Definitely put ballast into the base of your pot.  Crays won’t go into a pot that’s moving around on the ocean floor.
  • Make sure you’ve got fresh bait, and are using something that’s tasty to a cray – have a read of our blog on the best bait for crays.
  • And finally, it will depend on where you’re dropping your pots – and that’s something that’s really up to you!

Still curious?

Watch our clip, or have a read of our blog on how plastic cray pots compare to timber cray pots.

How much ballast do I need to add to a Katipo pot?

The Katipo is a lightweight plastic cray pot but you need to add some weight to it, to make sure it’s stable on the seafloor when you drop it. If you’re fishing sheltered, shallow areas then 9kg will be enough. Once you move out into deeper, open waters, you’ll need to add more weight or your pot will move around too much to catch.