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Marine Research Custom Equipment

Custom Benthic Sledge
Benthic Sledge

Crackpots specialises in the design of custom, specialised or unusual equipment made to order for both the marine and terrestrial environmental consultancy services and the commercial fishing industry.


Custom Flatback Turtle Harness
Flatback Turtle Harness

We can provide expert assistance in the design and fabrication of a diverse range of sampling, mooring, frames and mounts used to support high tech equipment, dredges and other gear. Manufactured items include transmitter plates and harnesses, core samplers, grabs, sediment profilers, camera stands, transect lines and quadrats, mounting frames for light loggers, CTD’s and ACDP’s etc, and specialist traps and nets used in the capture and sampling of biota.

We also offer a diverse range of site markers, moorings, anchors, floats, buoys, towing equipment, supporting gear and hardware.

Quadrat Camera Stand
Quadrat Camera Stand

Our staff includes experienced field biologists who have experience with equipment in the field and understand the issues faced with remote and often difficult environments. The need for reliable, robust equipment that works under a range of conditions is essential, and we make every effort to ensure that the equipment we supply will perform appropriately. Technical and personnel support can be offered at short notice from our office and, if necessary, in the field.

While we specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment for marine applications, our experienced team is extremely versatile, and can provide additional assistance in other related industries.

Dolphin relocation net

These nets are designed and fabricated to be strong and flexible enough to capture dolphins in restricted waterways in order to immobilise and relocate them with minimal stress.  Consideration is given to the type of materials used to minimise the potential for cuts or abrasion to animals.

Scientific sampling nets

A number of nets mounted on sleds and frames have been fabricated to meet specific demands for scientific sampling, primarily on the seafloor.

  • Turtle entrapment nets (north-west WA and Northern Territory)
    A variety of juvenile turtle entrapments nets have been designed for  the purpose of future removal from restricted areas, or as part of a number of capture and tracking programs.  Considerable care is given to minimising the risks of stress in animals, the potential for drowning, and the potential for by-catch.


For further information on projects or details on any of these specialist net projects, contact Crackpots.

For more information, visit our Projects page, or contact Crackpots today to discuss your needs.

Sediment Grab Sampler
Sediment Grab Sampler
Trawl Resistant Frame
Trawl Resistant Frame