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Mullet must be one of the most under-rated fish around, but it doesn’t deserve its lowly status. It is simple to catch with a gill net off the beach, simple to cook and delicious to eat! Brush your butterflied fillet with olive oil, garlic and chilli then pop under the grill skin side up (or even better, skin side down on a pan over a fire on the beach!) til the skin is blistered and crispy. Throw on some parsley and lemon, and enjoy with a glass of your favourite vino. It’s a great time for catching mullet with a gill net; the autumn waters are warm and calm. We hear there’s plenty of mullet catching around Geraldton way – or maybe you have your own favourite spot. We have plenty of our locally made gill nets in stock, with different mesh sizes and either single wing (30m) for $160, or double (60m) for $320. Happy fishing! (Recipe pic from eatsmarter.com – we ate ours before we could take a photo…)

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