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What crayfish bait do crayfish love best?

The season is well underway, the weather is warming up at last, and the hunt for crayfish is in full swing! Along with a range of the best quality craypots on the WA coast, Crackpots also stocks crayfish bait.

Everybody seems to have a different view about what makes the best crayfish bait, and there’s always a bit of contention on what to use. It should tell you something that by far the most popular crayfish bait are tuna heads, followed a long second by Orange Roughy and then Blue Mackerel.

Obviously, the choice of crayfish bait depends a lot on how long you go between pulls. Hoki, salmon and tuna heads will all out-perform mackerel or sardines during those long stretches, but a bit of oily fish seems to give great results in the short term. Consider a mix if you’re not sure.

If you’re serious about catching crayfish we also recommend changing your bait regularly – the higher concentrations of fresh oil and blood work a lot better than some half-rotten bit that’s falling apart, and as the pros will tell you, if you’re competing with other fishermen good bait is a must.

If you use Orange Roughy as a bait, this is the only type of bait that we recommend keeping in your bait basket.  Keep the orange roughy frames as they have a high concentration of calcium and the whites love some extra calcium in their diet to help harden their newly formed shells.

Give us a call and check what we’ve got in the freezer – we sell by the kilo, or for a better deal, by the box. Happy catching!

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