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Twine and Leads

Net Leads
Net Leads

Net Leads

We stock a complete range of rope leads, lead core braided and three-strand rope for all your netting requirements.

  • Lead weights from 30 to 120 grams
  • Lengths from 25-63mm
  • Bores ranging from 5-12mm
  • Braided 6mm and 8mm lead core ropes
  • Three-strand medium-hard lay PP in 11mm,12mm and 14mm


PE Twine
PE Twine

Polyethylene and Nylon Twine

Strong, erosion-resistant UV-stable, including polyethylene (PE), braided nylon, nylon staple and Supa.

  • 4-75 ply, up to 3mm diameter
  • Suitable to repair and hang a complete range of nets
  • Pot and trap construction
  • Spool sizes from 90-500m
  • Black or blue


Nylon Hanging Twine
Nylon Hanging Twine

Spun Nylon Staple (Hanging Twines)

Premium quality nylon hanging twine imported directly from our Japanese manufacturer.

  • Premium Japanese made and imported multi-nylon
  • Very strong, 10s/6 ply to 36 ply
  • Used extensively for hanging fishing nets
  • 250 gram or 500 gram spools
  • Wine colour


Supa Twine
Supa Twine

Supa Twine

Very strong braided with a flat profile widely used for heavy duty hanging of shark nets and larger mesh nets.

  • 2-4mm diameter
  • 2 kg spools
  • White with black fleck


Net Needles
Net Needles

Net needles

  • Bone Needles – sizes ranging from 4″ to 10″
  • Green Plastic Double Diamond Needles – 6”, 7”, 8″ and 10″