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It’s octopus catching time!The most common octopus caught in and around Perth waters is Octopus tetricus, otherwise known as the gloomy octopus.  This is a fast-growing, hard-living animal who has a short life span – generally around a year.  The blokes die soon after mating and the girls after hatching the thousands of eggs which…Continue Reading

CRAB NETS – best on the coast!

WE RECKON THESE ARE THE BEST CRAB NETS ON THE WA COAST… It would be hard to find a better, more durable, long-lasting crab net. These highly sought-after Bunbury-made drop nets come complete with solid steel rings, Sapphire brand netting and five metres of rope. These are not your normal drop nets; no built-in redundancy,…Continue Reading


Late last year, WA Fisheries checked out a number of recreational fishermen using haul and set nets on inland waters, and found a few gill nets with undersize mesh, despite their owners thinking their nets were compliant. The problem was tracked down to the way that net mesh size is measured. WA Fisheries measure the…Continue Reading

Pine or jarrah battens?

It’s long been known that pine batten pots catch better than jarrah slat pots, particularly when the whites are running, and although there are as many theories as there are fishermen, nobody really understands why. While almost impossible to quantify accurately, I’d guess pine catches around 25% more at its peak, but is a far…Continue Reading


NEW EVA FLOATS. Exclusive to Crackpots. Crackpots is the only stockist in WA of these hardwearing, high density sealed cell EVA fishing floats, so there’s a good chance that if you see a yellow float, it’s yours – no need to check every white float in the area! They come in a range of sizes…Continue Reading