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Crackpots popular occi hides are rigged and ready to go.

If you’re after an easy (lazy!) way to catch occi, the shelter hide is it. Unlike trigger (or active) traps (currently being monitored during Fisheries’ heavily regulated trigger trap trial), there are very few restrictions on occi shelter pots, or hides. You can drop as many as you like, and they can be made of anything – plastic, wood or concrete – old ceramic sewer pipes work exceptionally well! As for where to drop them – often the grungier the area the better. We’d recommend putting your hides in sandy rubble and/or weedy areas where occi hunt for molluscs and crustaceans. Choose and area where hiding spots are difficult to find, and the occi are more likely to climb into your shelter hide and settle in. Putting your hides close to reef or rocky areas seems obvious but probably won’t work as well because there are plenty of other natural options for the occi to call home.

Most people drop around five to ten hides, snap-hooked onto a long main line at 10 metre intervals. A bit of ballast anchors the rope prior to the surface marker at one end. The beauty of a shelter pot is you can leave them out there for a while, or go out every few days. It doesn’t take long for an occi to find the shelter and they’ll stay there – unless they’re kicked out by a bigger occi!

Our occi shelter pots are ready to go with ballast, snap hook and rope. You just need to add whatever main line and floats you need – and remember the bag limit of 15!

Department of Fisheries regulations:
• There are currently no restrictions to the number of or construction of recreational octopus pots. As long as those pots are not traps, or constrict the free movement of fish, you may have as many as you like.
• Construction can be of anything, for example, concrete, plastic, wood.
• Baiting of pots is not allowed.
• There is no requirement for any float or gear identification (but it is highly encouraged).
• If you are using a boat to set your pots or transport gear, a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence is required.
• If you decide to switch over to trigger traps, please contact The Department of Fisheries for a comprehensive list of the legalities involved.

Rob on boat with occy trap

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