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Apart from a few impressive exceptions, crayfish catches have been a bit disappointing over the last couple of weeks, but if you look back at past catches at this time of year, it does make sense.  Traditionally, the spring moult and mass movement of the ‘whites’ kicks off when the ocean warms up, generally starting further north up the coast and giving metro fishermen some idea of when to expect crays to move.  This year, with much cooler than normal waters along the coast, along with the all-important absence of flowering Christmas trees and a cold start to spring, it’s looking like the crays’ behaviour is more in line with few decades ago.

With only the very occasional white turning up to date, the pros reckon we may not actually see the ‘whites’ proper until towards the latter half of this month – probably after the new moon on October 29.  The good news is that it’s going to be the best whites yet!

So there’s just enough time to come in to Crackpots and gear up with our complete range of pots, floats, bait and hardware. A word of advice – we usually sell out of craypots in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so be sure to get yours in plenty of time so you don’t miss out on those Christmas crayfish!


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